Welcome to the Hunters Moon Morris Website

Hunters Moon is a Border Morris side based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We first performed in spring 2002 and we dance traditional morris from the border counties (Hereford and Shropshire) with our own twist plus new dances written by members of the side.In our striking kit of black and silver, with faces disguised, we have achieved coverage on BBC TV, Vogue magazine and in the Independant national newspaper.

The brief history of Border Morris is as follows.... Hundreds of years ago (around the time of the Tudors) the only 'disguise' poor farm labourers had to hand was soot and goose grease which they mixed up and smeared over their faces. Their wives turned their labouring smocks inside out and sewed on strips of rag, or 'tatters,' which further disguised the shape of the dancer/musician. To perform incognito was vital because, If recognised by squire or priest while busking, these labourers could have lost their tied cottages and their families would have been left destitute. By busking in neighbouring villages these men earned money to help their families survive the winter.

Until this year we faithfully kept up the tradition of FULLY blacking our faces, just as they did. Very sadly, a minority of members of the public have seen fit to challenge this, shouting the accusation of Racism to the point of being seriously abusive (and even aggressive), when we've recently danced out at festivals and other venues. Racism is repugnant to ALL of us in Hunters Moon. So we met together and decided, for our safety, and that of our audiences, we would have to amend our appearance. This decision was NOT taken lightly. Therefore from now on, you will see us with PARTIALLY blackened faces with (perhaps) an addition of silver.

Thank you to all our friends and supporters - we value each one of you and look forward to seeing you soon.


If you fancy giving it a try, either as a dancer or as a musician we are running 2 open evenings

Thursday 16th August 7.30
Thursday 6th September 7.30

West Rise Junior school.
Chaffinch Road.
BN23 7SL

please contact us on 01323 520440 for more information

The artwork for the Hunters Moon logo was created by Laurence, one of our former dancers.